Office Staff

Donald Castine
Donald Castine [email]

Ext. 222
Kimberly Castine
Kimberly Castine [email]

Vice President
Ext. 225
Heikki Ruuska
Heikki Ruuska [email]

Operations Manager
ext. 216
Louis Richards
Louis Richards [email]

Fleet Safety
ext. 212
Christine Ouellet
Christine Ouellet [email]

ext. 228
Customer Service
Alicia Bedard
Alicia Bedard [email]

Customer Service Coordinator
ext. 211
Chrystal Burritt
Chrystal Burritt [email]

Customer Service Coordinator
ext. 246
Erin Bedard
Erin Bedard [email]

Customer Service Coordinator
Ext. 226
Irene Mazejka
Irene Mazejka [email]

Customer Service Coordinator
ext. 258
Karen Duchnowski
Karen Duchnowski [email]

Customer Service Coordinator
ext. 223
Marty Arsenault
Marty Arsenault [email]

Customer Service Coordinator
ext. 231
Jennifer Paynter
Jennifer Paynter [email]

Quality Assurance Manager
ext. 215
Denise Smith
Denise Smith [email]

Administrative Assistant
ext. 220
Shirley LaRose
Shirley LaRose [email]

Customer Service Representative
ext. 229
Virginia Taylor
Virginia Taylor [email]

ext. 210
Susan Cunningham
Susan Cunningham [email]

System Administrator
Accounts Receivable
ext. 219
Krystal Wilson
Krystal Wilson [email]

Accounts Payable
ext. 256
Deborah Lawn
Deborah Lawn [email]

Accounts Payable
Ext. 257
Warehouse and Maintenance
Chris Marden
Chris Marden [email]

Manager of Facilities & Fleet Maintenance
(978) 544-2948